Our Story

Our Journey

Reiki - Spiritual healing

Soulinme started with the belief in the Universal consciousness, a Belief in the powers of universe manifesting in the knowledge of healing and self-realization.

After two decades of rigorous training as a disciple and monk, under the guidance of an enlightened guru and healing masters I acquired a number of skill sets, techniques and spiritual knowledge. Journey of guiding and giving back to the society started in 2010, with the sole aim of taking responsibility to service the mankind without any expectation. Years of practice and perseverance in gaining knowledge and acquiring healing skills along with a strict code of meditation & discipline, the belief in the power of Universal consciousness was over flowing with strengthened results showing in everything in and around me.

As a true Disciple of an Indian Guru and a follower of the code of conduct mentioned in ancient scripture, I have been helping people by healing them or teaching them about the techniques of meditation.

However, in the very beginning of my journey, the number of seekers and patients requiring healing increased in multiple progression. Therefore, in 2013 the idea of building a team and bringing together genuine, passionate and true healers to service the mankind came up. And It was the blessings of the Guru ji that everything just started happening very fast and I started meeting healing masters who happily agreed to be a part of my team. In 2015 idea of Soulinme was conceptualized and formalized by the beginning of 2016. And Since then, it has been a magical journey.

Currently Soulinme is a team of highly knowledgeable masters and a group of dedicated honest practitioners who are working day and night to light the paths of humanity through the powers of Universal Consciousness. Soulinme has been working together through guided sessions, individual mentoring and group workshops with its best of class healers, practitioners, experts and guides to help people by showing them the purpose of their lives and self-realization.

Our Values

The Universal Consciousness is a realized belief which manifest as a concept that “everything in this universe is connected”. It’s a platform where duality and differences do not exist. Every religion, thoughts, idea, practices, beliefs and path are connected and are same in the core essence of existence. While respecting the differences among traditions, we at Soulinme celebrate what they share in common. We affirm interconnectedness and oneness as the true nature of reality. We acknowledge the active presence of Consciousness in all aspects of everyday life.

We believe in the power of technology and science to work along with metaphysical understandings to create, support and sustain individual and group healing practice. We focus upon personal and cultural resources that are expressive of the quest for meaning and purpose, wholeness and healing, commitment and community, inner work and action in the world.

Our Vision

Soul in Me is your home to Self enhancement, self belief, self healing and Self realization.

We believe in the core principle of Universal consciousness and understand that the whole universe is binding together with one divine thread helping us achieve our purpose of life. Our Aim is to help the mankind harness the divine energy hidden within the self and around us through easy proven techniques and learning.

We envision an enlightened human consciousness connected and working together as a global single family, vitally engaged with the wisdom and practices of the spiritual traditions, who are thereby equipped to live a purposeful and realized lives, and serve the mankind for a healthy and happy world.

“At Soul In me every soul is a true manifestation of this divine universe and has the power to change things.”

Our Mission

Soulinme serves people of all the world’s religions and spiritual paths and those with no tradition through the website Soulinme.net. Our mission is:

  • to sustain and expand a content-rich website that creates, compiles, and curates a multi faith and inter-spiritual wisdom archive;
  • to demonstrate spiritual literacy, the ability to recognize the spiritual dimensions of life written in the texts of our experiences;
  • to provide authenticated and thoroughly researched and sourced resources for spiritual journeys;
  • to offer a positive and spiritually progressive perspective on contemporary media, particularly books and films;
  • to encourage everyday spiritual practice as an integral part of individual and community life;
  • to promote the use of spiritual practices to enhance the quality of life for individuals during times of challenge and transition;
  • to demonstrate how spiritual practices can be used to support justice, positive social change, and activism on behalf of the common good;
  • to facilitate new types of spiritual communities and conversations using the technology and worldwide reach of the Internet;
  • to develop new lifelong learning opportunities around spiritual practices, character qualities, and civic virtues, including e-courses, online retreats, and practice circles;
  • to partner with and support spiritual teachers and organizations to reach learners outside the current models of local congregations, weekend workshops, conferences, and university programs.
  • to foster multi faith understanding in our increasingly pluralistic world.

Our Team

Rituraj Srivastava

A LIFE COACH and a Spiritual Teacher. Practicing spiritual healing since last 20 years....

A.K. Rana

A K Rana is a renowned and highly experienced Astrologer. He has been practicing...

Pallavi Chaddha

Pallavi has an experience with the legal world since years. Her life  experience comes by...

Dr Abhivyakti Navgeet

Dr Abhivyakti Navgeet is a  highly qualified and renowned Physiotherapist . In last 16...

Indu Bhatia

Indu Bhatia is a Senior level professional of Export Industry having a wide experience...