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Over the past One year, With Help of Soulinme Team I have been able to slowly and steadily bring my worries and pain down before having an incredible breakthrough that allowed me to transform drastically and take control of my life and relationships.

Pooja Meghlani

Healed from suffering of worsening relationship issues.

I have been suffering from severe Depressions since few years because of marital issues. I Happened to meet Soulinme Master healer Mr Rituraj by chance and then everything changed. Now I am free and transformed from all worries and depression. I am a released soul now.

Anushree Gupta

Healed from suffering of severe Depressions since few years because of marital issues.

My Life was a swing of constant struggle where i was failing on every step of professional and personal goals since the age of 16. Was undergoing sever financial crunch on and off my regular healing and Regression sessions unfolded me the mystery of my pattern of struggle and Now see myself as being given a new birth to refill my life with my own colors Thanks to the Soulinme Team.

Sanjeev Kumar

Released from a regular pattern of Sufferings because of Professional failures and financial issues

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