Past Life Regression Consultation


    (Please take your time to answer with absolute honesty)

    1) How would you define yourself as a personality?

    2) What do you think is the purpose of your life?

    3) What has been your one most important personal achievement (not professional) till date?

    4) In this Life till date Which has been the most happiest moment of your life ?

    5) Which has been the most saddest moment of your life till date?

    6) What has been the biggest fear or fears in this life? E.g fear of height, water, darkness, ghosts, or anything special?

    7) Since your childhood is there any special dream which keeps on coming back to you? does it make you restless or worried?

    8) Have you lost or someone close to you has died to date, whom you think was very close to you and his/her loss has impacted you? Does this person ever come in your dream?

    9) Which is that one person in your life at present who is making you most worried? or somehow you don’t see happiness with that person in your life ? or you don’t understand the reason why that person is in your life?

    10) Who is that one person whom you think you are most attached to ( exclude your children below 12 yrs)? any specific reason for this attachment?

    11) Which is your biggest concern right now:– ( right yes or no )
    a) personal happiness & peace,

    b) financial deprivation,

    c) relationship with your spouse

    d) relationship with your children

    e) relationship with your family/inlaws/friends/colleagues/ boss

    f) your professional growth

    g) your Health

    h) anything special…mention in detail

    12) Do you believe in GOD?

    13) Do you believe in Past lives?

    14) Is there any special happening, incidence, worry, or pain you think has nothing to do with your actions in the present birth?

    15) What do you specifically want to achieve through PAST LIFE REGRESSION?

    16) ANYTHING ELSE of value and importance you think you should share with me?